#Mtfuji #Japan #tokyo #islandlife

On Mt Fuji! #mtfuji #japan #islandlife #adventure #picoftheday #hdr #panoramic

Mt Fuji #mtfuji #islandlife #instapic #japan

At the summit of Mt Fuji. Pretty speechless about the climb and the view. I’ll be doing it again next year, trying to climb it faster and faster. #fuji #mtfuji #japan #islandlife (at Mt. Fuji)

Finally went to the base driving range. Had my old clubs here with me these past two years and never used them. This was my first swing as I wanted to see how bad I was. Nice to know I still got it. Time to get my full game back! Win some tournaments! #golf #japan #tokyo #islandlife #yokota (at Yokota Air Base)







I understand that the air force has been through budget cuts but damn

i know, they can’t even afford the new Firebolts

Are those Cleansweep Sevens???
God, so embarrassing.


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That last one tho. he just casually merges into the NOPE lane.

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"Introverts are internal processors.

Their primary source of information and point of reference comes from within themselves.

This doesn’t mean that they are self-absorbed or oblivious to others; they simply rely first and foremost on their inner thoughts to guide them.

When an introvert receives information, she takes it in and flips it this way and that in her mind until it’s right-side-up enough to be shared with the world.”

-Beth Buelow, Insights: Reflections on the Gift of Being an Introvert

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While You Wait Tour - San Diego, CA - 6.6.14

Photography by Jonathan Benavente


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So sexy

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